The Kooks - Inside In, Inside Out (2LP)

The Kooks - Inside In, Inside Out (2LP)

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Lista de Títulos

A1 Seaside
Lyrics By  Paul Garred
A2 See The World
Lyrics By  Max Rafferty
A3 Sofa Song
A4 Eddie's Gun
A5 Ooh La
A6 You Don't Love Me
A7 She Moves In Her Own Way
Lyrics By  Max Rafferty
B1 Matchbox
Lyrics By  Max Rafferty
B2 Naïve
B3 I Want You
B4 If Only
B5 Jackie Big Tits
B6 Time Awaits
Lyrics By  Max Rafferty
B7 Got No Love
Lyrics By  Max Rafferty
C1 Seaside (Alternative Take)
C2 Ooh La (Alternative Take)
C3 Tell Them From Me
C4 Sofa Song (Original Studio Demo)
C5 1984
C6 You Don't Love Me (Acoustic Demo)
C7 Constantine's Love (Early Studio Demo)
D1 Matchbox (Original Studio Demo)
D2 She Moves In Her Own Way (Alternative Take)
D3 In My Opinion
D4 Theory Of A Pop Star (Cassette Demo)
D5 Naïve (Alternative Take)
D6 Inaudible Melodies
D7 Something To Say (Original Studio Demo)

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